Training Camp - Summer 2021

Training Camp is where we bring together the best qualified software developers and experienced professionals for three to five days of concentrated training. You will network with your peers, attend live training events, be able to ask questions, engage with others, etc. Most of our training camps include one or more public webinars as a follow-up to cement the learning.

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  • Rate $299 (only for the next 7 who register, normal rate is $399)
  • Videos provided to registered attendees


  • July 20 - 22, 2021 - Main training Sessions
  • July 23 - first follow-up session (Friday webinar, open to public)
  • July 30 - second follow-up session (Friday webinar, open to public)


Rate $299 (only for the next 7 who register, normal rate is $399)

Time until sessions begin:



  • Online

Who is this for?

  • This training is designed for developers with at least some experience with Alpha Anywhere. But we also offer Orientation Classes free of charge throughout the year. If you need this, fill out the Survey below and check the box indicating you wish to attend an Orientation class.

About our Training

Your Trainers are actual software developers, who build applications, work with clients, manage large and small projects, work directly with the database and the user interface.

  • You will walk away with a wealth of knowledge and ongoing access to a wider network of developers covering all skill sets.
  • You will have access to all the components, templates and frameworks used during the conference.
  • Learn from top Alpha Anywhere developers -- what works, pitfalls, solutions, tips, tricks and more!
  • Take your Software Development Business to the next level!

Platforms & Languages

  • Alpha Anywhere™, by Alpha Software, Inc.
  • JavaScript, Python

Certification & Badges

  • Upon completing this Camp you will earn a "skills verification badge" and credit towards Certified Developer status at IADN.

Session Topics (what you will learn)

  • Using the Xbasic programming language
  • Using JavaScript in your application
  • Complete (start to finish) mobile application development
  • Building a disconnected mobile application using dynamic data
  • Integrating Stripe and Paypal into your app
  • Working with PDF documents including form editing
  • Alpha Transform integration with Alpha Anywhere
  • Building your Independent Software business for fun and profit
  • SAAS applications with third party report writers
  • Using sub-reports
  • Building an effective and modern Dashboard


Course Details (additional details still coming)

Xbasic Course

  • Basic coverage of what Xbasic is and why we need to know it
  • Using Xbasic to get information to and from the backend database
  • Server side validation
  • Search and replace using the Xbasic behind the scenes of the UX
  • Using Xbasic to send emails from the application

Reports and Dashboard

  • Building sub-reports that are fast to display and easy to maintain.
  • Building Detail and Summary reports in the same report.
  • Building conditional style reports.
  • Building a dashboard with the JavaScript-charts.
  • Building a dashboard with multiple lists and charts.
  • Building a framework with the control-bar.
  • Adding 3rd party gauges that work with the data.
    • Referential Integrity, Data Normalization, Dynamic Connections Strings
    • SQL Views, Functions, triggers, indexes, and constraints
    • Built in Multi-Tenancy in SQL
    • When to use a BLOB, FileStream or AWS S3 Buckets.

Building a complete mobile application - start to finish

  • Pieces of the puzzle: Alpha Anywhere, Database Server, Web Server, Security Certificate, Developer Account, Ionic AppFlow, Diawi
  • The building blocks: Security, Custom Login, UX Component, Layout, Navigators and Panels, Lists (search, view, edit panels), controls
  • Using Cordova
  • Deploying, Testing, and Packaging
  • Additional Tools