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Lee Vasic
Agency Data, LLC
Utah, USA

Overview: Security is the most important part of an app nowadays. Two-factor authentication, Group Security, Multi-tenancy, Database Encryption, Column Encryption SSL, IIS security, and HIPAA compliance.

About Lee Vasic: I started developing banking apps in the early eighties in DOS. All current software is HIPAA compliant and includes office driven modules and point of care at the bedside for doctors, nurses, and other clinicians to chart. Also, includes Medicare Insurance billing, document management, and survey compliance.

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Services Offered:Discussion, Mentoring, Programming, Training
Alpha Version(s):Alpha Anywhere
Other Platforms:Visual Basic, Clarion
Business Expertise:Banking, Trusts, Insurance, Employee Benefits, Medicare, ASCx12, HIPAA, SQL
Types of Projects:Web, Responsive Web, Mobile
Web Technology:Xbasic, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, API's, Visual Studio
Backend Databases:MSSQL
Hobbies/Interests:Video and radio production
Developer since:2007


Title: Dropdown Features
Recorded: 04/29/2022
Dropdown Features
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Title: Multi-Tenant Application Design
Recorded: 04/08/2022
Multi Tenant : Multi-tenancy means that a single instance of the software and its supporting infrastructure serves multiple customers. Each customer shares the software application and also shares a single database. Each tenant data is isolated and remains invisible to other tenants.
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Title: New Calendar Control and Inserting Records in Parent-Child tables
Recorded: 02/26/2021
Using the new Alpha Calendar Control (still in beta at time of this webinar). Also using the debug command to watch code actions, Glen on inserting records with parent-child tables.
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Title: Lee Vasic on the UX List Control
Recorded: 02/12/2021
Lee shows several concept projects using the UX List Control
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Title: Application Showcase
Recorded: 04/03/2020
Agency Data by Lee Vasic
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Title: Alpha IIS : Lee Vasic - Install, Config, Other Issues : Part 1
Recorded: 08/25/2017
This is not a step-by-step tutorial. It is a good resource after you have attempted or completed an installation of Alpha IIS.
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Title: Alpha IIS : Lee Vasic - Install, Config, Other Issues : Part 2
Recorded: 08/25/2017
This is the Q&A portion of the discussion
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