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Sean OKelly
XAPP Design, Inc.
Charleston, WV

Overview: We are a web, mobile, and desktop application development firm that transforms your business with strategies and products tailored to your needs & goals. We focus our expertise in the following categories: world class website design and development, sophisticated web applications, desktop applications that connect to enterprise database systems, custom mobile applications with disconnected capability, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and consulting services. XAPP Design features an integrated team of creative designers, web consultants, and programmers with decades of experience.

You can reach us at:
Phone: 866-477-XAPP (9277)
Cell: 304-610-7406

About Sean OKelly:
21 Years Programming Experience
Major Corporate and Government Clients
Presenter at Alpha DevCon 2017 & 2018
Founding Member of IADN Advisory Board

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Services Offered:Discussion, Mentoring, Programming, Training
Alpha Version(s):Alpha Anywhere
Other Platforms:Asp,, PHP, VBA, Basic, VBscript
Business Expertise:Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Management, Sales & Sales Management, Project Management
Types of Projects:Web, Responsive Web, Mobile
Web Technology:HTML, CSS, Javascript
Backend Databases:MySQL (and related), SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access
Professional Associations:IADN
Developer since:2015


Title: Sean O'Kelly on Disconnected Applications
Recorded: 03/05/2021
Forms, airplane mode, server-side filter, sync process, lookup lists, list storage, logs, rendering, embedded objects, dynamic data, form view, pausing, repeat data, report template, mobile app example, activating tabs, setting coordinates, using delays, detecting connection, determine bandwidth, thumbnails, user-friendly design.
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Title: Sean O'Kelly on UX Panels
Recorded: 02/19/2021
Discusison about database views, UX Panels, good advice on containers, how to use the Quick Setup Genie, tricks: how to allow 'finger scroll' on mobile, problem with using containers and List with 'touch', effectively using containers, 'fill container' vs sizing a List Control, About Panel Navigator - Navigator Types, creating buttons for panel cards, auto generate tabBands, auto generate tabButtons, styles to use for mobile vs web, tabbed ui for mobile.
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Title: Sean O'Kelly on a Database discussion
Recorded: 11/13/2020
Open discussion on database, Sean O'Kelly on database and conversions, Glen Schild on temp tables and queries in Navicat
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Title: Mobile Shopping Cart with Stripe Integration
Recorded: 04/24/2020

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Title: Alpha Anywhere DisconnectedMobile App
Recorded: 12/08/2017
A detailed view of a disconnected mobile application. Sean goes into great detail on issues related to disconnected.
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