Independent Application Developers Network

Steve Wood
AlphaToGo, LLC
Northern California, San Francisco Bay Area

Portfolio: Click here to see my 35 Portfolio projects.

Overview: Full-time certified Alpha Anywhere lead developer with experience spanning desktop, web, and mobile. Solid Project Manager, Agile Leader and understand security, HIPAA, NIST Protocol, encryption, etc.

About Steve Wood:

Steve Wood is a founder and current president of the Independent Application Developers Network (IADN), a community of software developers who specialize in building applications using Alpha Software's low-code development platform. Wood played a significant role in creating and shaping the IADN community, and he continues to be involved with the organization.

As founder and president, Wood helped to establish the IADN as a supportive and collaborative community for independent developers working with Alpha Software's low-code platform. He was involved in developing the organization's mission and goals, and he played a key role in recruiting new members and building relationships with other organizations in the industry.

Wood is also an accomplished software developer in his own right, with over 30 years of experience in the industry. He has worked on a variety of projects throughout his career, including developing custom software applications for businesses and organizations in a wide range of industries.

Overall, Steve Wood's role at the IADN has been instrumental in building and shaping the organization into the supportive and collaborative community that it is today. His experience as a software developer and his passion for the industry have helped to make the IADN a valuable resource for independent developers working with Alpha Software's low-code development platform.

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Services Offered:Discussion, Mentoring, Programming, Training
Alpha Version(s):Alpha Anywhere, Alpha Transform
Business Expertise:Retail, Wholesale, Facilities Management, Insurance, HIPAA and NIST Protocol
Types of Projects:Transform, Web, Responsive Web, Mobile
Web Technology:Xbasic, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, Node.js
Backend Databases:MSSQL, MySQL
Hobbies/Interests:Running, Spartan Races
Developer since:2001

Recent Activity/New Skills

11/27/2023 Set up Twilio to respond to client SMS reply. 1 for Stop, 2 for Info, etc.


Title: Interview with Richard Rabins
Recorded: 04/05/2019
Personal and Company History, Alpha Portfolio (Alpha Anywhere and Transform), Developer Opportunity
Click here to watch

Title: Managing Alpha-based Enterprise-level Applications
Recorded: 04/05/2019
Panel Discussion with developers and administrators of high-usage, enterprise-level applications using Alpha Anywhere
Click here to watch

Title: Application Showcases
Recorded: 03/08/2019
Showcases by Lee Vasic, Mitch Katz, Tom Brondolo, Nigel Goodliffe, David McGrew MD, Graeme Smith
Click here to watch

Title: Tracie and Jay Oken on SaaS Considerations
Recorded: 03/01/2019
Tracie and Jay Oken have built a successful SaaS business from inception to company sale
Click here to watch

Title: Alpha Web Application Showcase - AFS Dealers
Recorded: 02/01/2019
A very organized and effecient, enterprise level Alpha web application
Click here to watch

Title: Mobile Topics - December 2018
Recorded: 12/07/2018
Panel Cards, Panel Navigator, List Component and different ways to embed components in a mobile app
Click here to watch

Title: Alpha Web Server Configuration and Discussion
Recorded: 04/27/2018
Alpha Web Server basic configuration, SSL Setup, Load Balancer, Logs and Log Analysis, Folder Structure
Click here to watch

Title: Review of Alpha Software's new Transform Product
Recorded: 04/20/2018
Dave provides a detailed review of Alpha's new product called Transform. This product is designed for online data-capture. We have a solid Q&A session following the review.
Click here to watch

Title: Using Video to Communicate
Recorded: 04/06/2018
Michael is a professional video producer focusing motly on promtional and edicational video
Click here to watch

Title: A detailed ViewBox example
Recorded: 03/23/2018
This is a detailed example of a ViewBox solution followed by a tour back through the ViewBox to see every element.
Click here to watch

Title: ViewBox used in Risk Assessment
Recorded: 03/23/2018
Bob shows how to use a ViewBox to create a 'matrix of buttons' used in a risk assessment application.
Click here to watch

Title: Alpha Application on a Load Balancer
Recorded: 02/23/2018
Steve shows how a home grown load balancer saves the day
Click here to watch

Title: Follow Up Discussion for two SaaS Showcase Events in December 2018
Recorded: 12/01/2017
This is the after-showcase discussion for two previous SaaS showcase events
Click here to watch

Title: SaaS Showcase - MySchoolAnywhere : Business Application for Schools
Recorded: 12/01/2017
A SaaS Showcase Business Application used by Parents and Admins for Schools
Click here to watch

Title: A SaaS Showcase Business Application for Trucking Industry
Recorded: 12/01/2017
A SaaS Showcase Business Application for Trucking Industry
Click here to watch

Title: Video pending -- IADN's new Board of Advisors Mentoring Program
Recorded: 11/17/2017
IADN is offering a new program called the Board of Advisors. Members can use this program to engage mentors on a variety of subject. It includes built-in methods to monitor, remind and encorage participants.
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Title: All about the Alpha Cloud
Recorded: 10/06/2017
Kurt Rayner, VP of Research and Development, takes us through the Alpha Cloud.
Click here to watch

Title: Alpha IIS : Terry Smith - Big Q&A Session (35 questions)
Recorded: 09/11/2017
Long Q&A Session on Alpha IIS
Click here to watch

Title: Preparing for Security Audit - LifeStatus360 Example
Recorded: 08/18/2017
Discussion on Web Security, Security Audits and Alpha Anywhere Features
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Title: Javascript progress bar (silent)
Recorded: 08/20/2011
Build your own progress bar by watching and copying the javascript in the video.
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Title: Dynamic Linked Content Areas ("Tab Groups")
Recorded: 12/07/2010
Shows how to create "Tab Groups" for Linked Content Area and then toggle them based on some condition in the grid. Pause the video to copy down the javascript required.
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Title: Facility Mgmt System
Recorded: 08/12/2010
A new product by Steve Wood, Facilities Management for large organizations, schools, etc.
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Title: Filter Records by UserID
Recorded: 01/28/2010
A common request, to filter records by Username instead of ULINK.
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Hi Steve, Thank you very much for your time to assist us with the configuration. We really appreciate it. It works like magic! Best Regards,
Rosalia Chin
Forest Solutions Malaysia Sdn Bhd