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Al Buchholz
Bookwood Systems LTD

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Overview: We have be using Alpha since the 1980's for projects big and small. We specialize in systems integration - we make diverse systems work together. We have worked extensively with QuickBooks integration - extending reporting and data management.

The QReportBuilder product is an Alpha based report writer specifically designed for QuickBooks and offers an excellent cost effective way of extending the power and life cycle of QuickBooks for many companies. Many times we have been able to provide for the exact needs of the client at a fraction of the cost of an upgrade to a more costly tier 3 or tier 2 system.

About Al Buchholz: Bookwood Systems LTD is a collection of developers that have diverse talents.

We offer personnel with skill sets that include:

  • Systems design
  • Programming
  • Technical Writing
  • QuickBooks Pro Advisors
  • Training
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography

By blending these talents, we can offer a full complement of services for desktop and web site design.

Bookwood Systems LTD was founded by Al Buchholz in 1987.

Al's education started with a Math and Computer Science teaching degree which he used for 3 years at the high school level.

From there he entered business with Burroughs Corp and connected with a variety of small to medium size businesses. One of those was TSR Hobbies which lead to a 10 year stint leading the IT department for the developers of the game called Dungeons and Dragons.

Upon leaving TSR, Bookwood Systems LTD began with a number of HP3000 and Dec VAX clients using the Cognos application development system. As the PC market expanded, the Alpha 5 system was added and now forms the core of the business.

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Services Offered:Discussion, Mentoring, Programming, Training
Alpha Version(s):V4, A5V10
Other Platforms:Cognos, Oracle Apps, SAP
Types of Projects:Desktop, Web
Web Technology:AJAX, Cold Fusion
Backend Databases:Oracle, MS SQL
Developer since:1985


Title: Quickbooks Integration with Alpha Anywhere
Recorded: 02/08/2019
How to integrate Alpha Anywhere with Quickbooks, where to find the ODBC driver, etc.
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