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Professional Services

Application Development

We have hundreds of qualified software developers, project managers and design experts waiting to tackle your application and programming tasks.
  • New Mobile Applications
  • New Web Applications
  • Short-term and small programming tasks
  • Migrate to an SQL-based application
  • Migrate to the latest version of Alpha Anywhere
  • Migrate from a different platform (Access, Foxpro, etc.) to Alpha Anywhere
  • Migrate to the Alpha IIS version and/or Alpha Cloud
  • Migrate from any version of Alpha to a different platform (Angular, .NET, OutSystems, etc.)
  • Generate Help Documentation for existing applications or applications that are developed ( example).

Data and Process Management

  • Let us manage your daily/monthy data processing requirements.
  • We can assign one developer/admins or a team to process your data.
  • If needed, our admins can be vetted for handing proprietary and sensitive data.

Application Hosting

We offer hosting through our affiliates. Cloud-based or server hosting is available.
  • Hosting via our partner, ZebraHost
  • Cloud-based hosting via our partner AlphaCORE

Advisory Services and Training

In addition to our training courses, we provide highly interactive, personalized advisory services that will help extend your skill and opportunity:

Remote Learning

  • Even experienced developers sometimes “hit the wall” as they implement specific features and capabilities. With our Remote Learning option, we can customize an advisory services program that gives you exactly the support you need, whenever you need it. For instance, if you need to learn more about the latest security features, UX coding, cloud hosting, or other capabilities, you and your IADN instructor can put together a personalized schedule of remote learning sessions to cover the material you’ve selected. Or, if you’re not sure what issues are likely to surface as you develop your application, your instructor can provide on-demand advice, relevant training, and support.

Application Design & Prototyping

  • We offer an advisory service option to review your preliminary specifications or prototype and identify opportunities to make the application richer and more robust.

Server and Application Support

Ongoing Support

We can assign a primary and back-up developer to be "on-call" to support your application. Support includes up to 24/7 immediate response to emergencies as well as perform periodic system maintenance.
  • Security audit - we can bring your application up to the highest security grade, in addition, we can perform periodic security checks to ensure your application data is properly protected.
  • Onsite and remote support.
  • Telephone and email support related to your application.
  • Maintenance contracts: an IADN maintenance contract will ensure that your application runs smoothly on an ongoing basis, taking full advantage of the latest version of Alpha Anywhere and related software.


  • Advanced and custom security models
  • Advanced user registration and subscription models
  • Auth0, OAuth, and LDAP or Active Directory-based security
  • SSL and related security certificates

3rd Party and API

  • Sparkpost and Mandrill email processing and API
  • Quickbooks integration
  • Various Shopping Carts
  • PayPal purchase and subscription


Database Expertise

  • SQL: MySQL, MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, DB2, Sybase, Oracle, and ODBC.
  • NoSQL: MongoDB
  • Omnidex (ultra fast database indexing) from www.disc.com

Cloud and Database Expertise

  • Amazon Cloud, Alpha Cloud
  • Big Data processing