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Martin W. Cole
Cole Custom Programming
Terrell, Texas (near Dallas)

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Overview: Texas A & M Linguistics. Over 30 years experience programming computers and accounting equipment. I enjoy Bridge, Day Trading, and pestering my children and grandchildren.

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Services Offered:Mentoring, Programming, Training
Alpha Version(s):A5V11, A5V10, V4
Business Expertise:General Database management and accounting
Types of Projects:Desktop
Developer since:1998


Cole Custom Programming wrote a program for us in 2000 to manage our offices, scattered over much of Texas. Because the offices are retail establishments, money is involved, and we needed a bullet proof app with extensive audit trails to track operators. We would highly recommend CCP.
Hearing Aid Express

Cole Custom Programming wrote a very custom program to mange our projects about 4 years ago. We are an institutional firm, building banks, prisons, universities, etc. Our projects sometimes run several years. Would highly recommend the firm.
Richter Architects

CCP wrote 2 programs for us. The main one manages the Respiratory Care dept. for the hospital. We have been using it for over 5 years. It runs 24/7. We have been very pleased with CCP and would highly recommend them.
St Lukes Hospitals

Cole Custom Programming wrote an application for us that manages over 200 roaming technicians at over 20 facilities who remotely enter data for therapies provided daily. It has to screen for Medicare compliance and both bill Medicare and Insurance companies as well as process payments from same. We are very pleased with the program, and it has saved us a lot of money - it processes bills for Medicare in maybe 1 minute that previously took 3 people 3 days to put together!
Towson Rehab Center

We are an engineering firm providing metallurgical testing for the aviation industry. CCP wrote our application in 2003, and we have been adding to it since then. It manages our complete organization - entering new orders, tracking orders as they go from machine to machine checking for machine results for industry compliance, printed/faxed/emailed report to clients, a complete accts receivable system, as well as instant reporting for audits from various federal and industry agencies and clients.