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Larry Grupido
Black Ink Unlimited
Grand Blanc, MI United States
Est.: 2011

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Services Offered:Discussion, Mentoring, Programming, Training
Alpha Version(s):A5V11, A5V10
Types of Projects:Web
Web Technology:html, alpha5
Backend Databases:MYSQL, Microsoft SQL, Sybase, Oracle
Professional Associations:IADN, LBN
Developer since:2009


Title: Introduction to SQL
Recorded: 11/15/2011
Using MYSQL, we will explore the world of SQL using Navicat for MYSQL and Alpha 5 forms and reports. The majority of class will be spent using the query functions of the Navicat software. We will be using native SQL statements to select data from within SQL. Doing so will give you a better understanding of what Alpha 5 is doing behind the scenes. We will expand upon the knowledge to create summary totals, and to combine several tables – similar to what you might do in an Alpha 5 set. Finally, we will turn those select statements into views in order to save them for easier reporting.
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Title: SQL Reporting
Recorded: 11/15/2011
Advanced topic, complex report example. You will learn techniques for combining SQL, Alpha5 and HTML to improve the style and design of your reports and web pages. This class is not about using the Alpha5 web editor – rather, we will be writing HTML code into the application. Please keep in mind, the main purpose of class is learning about the techniques. Since this is a mini-class, there may not be time to go into detail about all of the SQL code used – but you will get enough information to do it yourself if you come with a good understanding of SQL to begin with.
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