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Frequently Asked Questions

Webinar Notifications

You can be notified prior to a webinar or other event. This is separate from our weekly Newsletter.

  1. Log in and click My Profile in the upper right.
  2. Open the Tab marked Membership, Settings and Password
  3. Check or uncheck the box labeled "I would like to receive ALL webinar alerts".

How to Access the Member's Discussion Forum

  1. As the name implies you must be a registered member at IADN.COM to join the Forum, but you can join as a free member.
  2. Log in at and click MyProfile in the upper right.
  3. Grab the seven-digit Forum Registration Key at the top of the MyProfile page.
  4. Update your Professional Profile while you are there!
  5. Go to the Forum at and click Sign-Up.
  6. Sign up and enter the Registration Key where requested.
  7. You will have immediate access to the forum.
  • The IADN Forum was carefully designed to focus on the business of software development and to not overlap the Alpha Message Board. You should still take your questions about the platform to that board.
  • The IADN Member's Forum was created by and is managed by Steve Wood, President of IADN, LLC.
  • IADN.COM and the IADN Member's Forum have not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Alpha Software, Inc. "Alpha Anywhere" is a trademark of Alpha Software, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Becoming a paid IADN Member

  • If you already have an account on the IADN website (you can log in), login and click the MyProfile link in the upper right and select the Membership tab, then click Become an IADN Member.
  • If you do not already have an account on IADN, then go to our Registration page and select a membership level during the registration process.

Turn on/off Two-Factor Authentication

  1. Log in and click on MyProfile in the upper right.
  2. Select the My Login tab and click Set Two-Factor Options
  3. Select either SMS, Google Authenticator or Email (SMS is typically the most simple to manage).
  4. If SMS, enter your mobile number and press Save.
  5. ...coming

2020 Objectives

  • Hire someone to edit and publish the IADN Webinar videos. Target - published within three days after the event.
  • Start a second webinar at a time more convenient for Europe to Australia timezone.
  • Allow members to schedule and advertise ad hoc webinars on any topic at any time.
  • Add a Marketplace to IADN.COM which is similar to the Store but everyone can participate. You can upload stuff to sell, code examples, stuff to download. For example, webinar presenters who offer to share examples can publish here.
  • Improve the Service Request on IADN.COM so that all qualified developers (like you) can participate. Very often a request comes in that none of the currently registered Developers can (or want) to handle.
  • To help with above, improve the IADN Your Profile to include 'what you need to learn" and "what you are able to teach".
Live Training
  • We have several qualified developers poised to provide live online training starting in 2020
  • We plan to have one or more training conferences on-site in Las Vegas and other venues starting in 2020