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So You're Thinking About Using Alpha Anywhere

By Steve Workings - January 31, 2015

This guide is for you if you are in need of a good database system. It's a big commitment after all. You'll invest a great deal of time, money and your future in that critical piece of software. You heard about Alpha Anywhere (and maybe wonder why you haven't heard of it before). You obviously discovered this web site. How can you learn more about Alpha Anywhere?

First, I'm going to give you a short list of reasons why Alpha Anywhere should be your choice. And second, I'm going to recommend other things you can do to learn more.

Why Alpha Anywhere Smokes the Competition
  • The advertising is true: You can accomplish more with Alpha Anywhere in a shorter period of time than any other database product.
  • Alpha Anywhere has genies for the non-programmer, and powerful programming capabilities for the most demanding needs.
  • Alpha Anywhere has a more powerful programming language than Filemaker, better development tools and scalability than Access.
  • Alpha Anywhere can be your front-end to a large variety of back-end databases.
  • Alpha Anywhere's mobile, web and desktop tools are fantastic, and the web-development features are unmatched.
  • Alpha Anywhere's licensing model makes distribution much more affordable than its competitors' pricing and policies.
  • Alpha Anywhere is supported by an outstanding, self-supporting user/developer community.
How to Learn More (without spending any money!)
  1. Download the 30-day free trial of Alpha Five from This is the full version of Alpha Anywhere - everything is included. Start using it. For free.
  2. Spend time at I'll presume you already have, but the resources there are extensive, and (almost) nothing is hype; the folks at Alpha truly have a terrific product and only need the facts to support it.
  3. Watch for, and take advantage of, any free on-line course that Alpha Software offers to new and prospective users.
  4. Join the user-supported Alpha Software Message board at Register right away: it's free, doesn't generate junk mail to you, etc. There are three things here I want you to notice:
    • The short response time between an original poster's question and a response (or two or three).
    • The quality of the responses. If you look for a while, you'll see not only some very informed and generous help from skilled users, but also from the staff and even the owners of Alpha Software.
    • The Search feature. What's important to you? Use the Search feature to see if you can learn more about it. I'll bet you can. And, if you can't, make sure you post a new question (in the correct forum) then enjoy and profit from being part of our community right away.
  5. Spend some time looking around this website, sponsored by developers who want your business. You'll be impressed by who's here and what we've done for our customers. You'll begin to understand the depth and breadth of what Alpha Anywhere can offer. Most importantly, you'll discover the experience that a professional Alpha Anywhere developer can provide to you, if you decide that you need it.

If you finished reading this, then I know you're nearly convinced that Alpha Anywhere may be just what you need. So make a plan to spend some time learning more, and don't let this opportunity pass you by. Those of us who have found Alpha Anywhere for our solutions know that it can be your solution too. We're evangelistic about it, which is why I wrote this article and why I want to see you on the Alpha message board, in one of my classes, or writing your own testimonial in a couple years. Join us!