Getting Started with Alpha Anywhere, by Steve Workings

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This guide provides a general overview of the Alpha Anywhere environment and is desiged to get you started.

"Getting Started by Steve Workings" is a series of ten videos each about 20 minutes long. They make the assumption that you are new to Alpha Anywhere but not new to programming in general.

Here is what the series will cover:

  1. What is Alpha Anywhere (a general overview)
  2. Getting Started - about the enviroment, starting a project, folder structure, basic setup
  3. Using SQL with Alpha - how to use a database with Alpha Anywhere
  4. The Security Framework - an important concept and how you secure your application and it's data
  5. Using Other Technologies - how to incorporate external resources
  6. Advanced Content Types - Uisng some of Alpha's more advanced methods to display and edit data
  7. Deploying Applications - a baisic primier on how to get your application from the drawing board to publically availability
  8. Information Resources - a wrap up on additional sources of help and information to assist you going forward