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The "Getting Started With Alpha Anywhere" Video Series

If you're thinking about moving to Alpha Anywhere as your rapid mobile application development (RMAD) platform, our free "Getting Started With Alpha Anywhere" video series is an essential evaluation tool.

"Getting Started with Alpha Anywhere" provides a comprehensive, step-by-step overview of the platform's key features and capabilities.
"Getting Started" consists of 12 short video segments, each about ten minutes in length, that take you through core topics and features of the Alpha Anywhere platform. You can explore individual topics in depth and scan others, or you can watch the whole series as a well-integrated whole.

"Getting Started" is not a sales demo--the narrators actually show you how to build real applications, step-by-step. In fact, IADN uses this same video series as an introduction to our regular training courses.

Here are some of the most important ways that "Getting Started" can show you why Alpha Anywhere is the best platform for your business application development:

We show you how real-world RMAD works: RMAD is now recognized as the ideal solution for developers who need to create applications for a variety of web and mobile devices. Alpha Anywhere is arguably the #1 RMAD platform in terms of power, flexibility, and efficiency, so you'll be learning industry best practices while you're evaluating the platform’s key features and capabilities.

We guide you through the Alpha software upgrade path: The transition from Alpha Software's desktop and web application tools to the mobile world is a giant leap, even for Alpha veterans. "Getting Started" is an ideal way to explore new web and mobile concepts and technologies that you'll need to master in order to stay current with market and user requirements.

We help you assess your own skill level: Alpha Anywhere is a ‘low-code/no code’ development platform that's relatively easy to master. But Alpha Anywhere is also a rich, comprehensive platform that can baffle rookie developers. If you're not sure about your personal skill level, listening to our "Getting Started" narrators are likely to be more valuable than trying to make sense of a trial download.

Finally, we give you easy-to-find drill-down information: Need to know more about how Alpha Anywhere handles security? Data integration? Reports and charts? Just click on the appropriate "Getting Started" segment and you'll find a concise expert explanation.

You'll also like the fact that each "Getting Started" video segment is narrated by our highly-rated IADN experts. We know that it's easy to get lost in a platform as 'feature-rich' as Alpha Anywhere, so we've carefully scripted each video to make sure that every step and every concept is crystal clear.