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"Tips, Tricks & Techniques for Alpha Anywhere" is an annual video-based subscription for Alpha developers. The subscriber receives a 10-minute video each week that:
  1. Describes an undocumented or difficult but important feature/capability of Alpha Anywhere
  2. Explains why the feature/capability is important
  3. Shows you how to apply it

At the end of the year, you will have a valuable library of tips, tricks, and techniques. As you renew your subscription each year, your library will expand into a comprehensive treasury of information that ensures that you will get the most out of your investment in Alpha Anywhere.


"As a developer, 'Tips, Tricks & Techniques for Alpha Anywhere' has been a fantastic resource for me and I look forward each week to seeing what else I can learn by watching these videos. I often use what has been demonstrated in my projects and always look forward to the future topics that will be covered."  - Dave Laskowski, Seattle, WA

List of all Videos to Date

A Client-side Template with a Hyperlink Part 2
A Note Capture Component
A Primer for Mobile Device Debugging
A5W Info Page
Adding a control bar to a panel header
Adding an Item to a List Component
Adding Days to a Date in JavaScript
Alerting the user in PhoneGap and in a Web Browser
Automating an A5W page with Windows Task Scheduler and cURL
Calculations in Client Side Templates
Capturing and Reporting Errors in Xbasic Programs
Centering a GIF in Screens Dynamically
Centering Controls in a Container
Client-side Sort on a List Control
Configure and Load a List at Runtime
Configuring Panel Layout Presentation
Connecting to VPN
Converting a List to a Viewbox Part 1
Creating a Component to Maintain Control Values
Creating a Date Spinner Control
Creating a Library of Custom Controls
Creating a Method within a UX Component
Creating an iOS Developer Certificate for PhoneGap (Windows version)
Creating Bubble Help for a List Control
Custom Alerts
Displaying a Calendar in a Window
Dressing Up Your App with Font Awesome
Dumping JSON Data from a List for Xbasic
Dynamically Filtering Drop-downs
Easy JavaScript Prompts
Edit Your Code Glossary
Enter the Login: Keypress Events for UX
Evaluate String Function
Extracting Selected Key Values
File Download Using the File Binary Method
File Upload Using the File Reference Method
Forcing Programmatic Client-Side Validation
Getting to Know JSON Strings
Handling Application E-mail with an Xbasic Module
Handling Varying Comma-Delimited Strings in SQL
Inserting Text within Font Icons
Javascript Event after List Synchronize
Leveraging Browser Printing
Logging SQL Argument Values for Debugging
Margin and Padding in a UX
Offering a Custom Range for a Date Picker
Offering a Menu from a List Row
Placing an HTML Table in a UX Component - Part 2
Populate UX Method
Populating a List from a JavaScript Array
Refreshing an Embedded Component
Registering a DLL Assembly
Remember Me Function
Responsive Design... for the Desktop!
Return (Another Value) of the Dynamic Edit-Combo Control
Rotating an Image
Scheduling Alpha Anywhere Item Runtime
Searching for Code Objects
Setting an Icon in a List Row
Setting Panel Navigator Header Text Dynamically
Setting up Linked JavaScript Files
Shading Alternate Rows in a List
Signature Capture Control
Standardize SQL Calls using xBasic Module
Submitting the Entire List in an Ajax Callback
Switch in List with Text Value
Synchronizing Application Databases with Simego
The Panel Overlay Control
Understanding the Panel Layout JavaScript
Using a Switch in a List, Part 2
Using Float Right in HTML / CSS
Using SVG Icons
Using the Google Chrome Debugger
Using the Yelp API
Xbasic Arrays and the With Method
Xbasic Variable Evaluation Functions
A Client-side Template with a Hyperlink Part 1
A5_MergeDataIntoTemplate Function
Accessing APIs with the cURL Genie
Adding a Control Bar to a Panel Header or Foote
Applying Local CSS Project-Wide
Calling an API with http_get
Centering an Object within a Panel Card
Change CSS
Changing Variable Values in a Debugger Session
Client Side Filter by One Column
Cloud Image Storage with Amazon S3
Comparing Date Values in List Columns
Converting a List to a Viewbox Part 2
Converting a Static List into an SQL Table
Copying Items Between List Controls
Creating a .NET Credential
Creating a Dynamic Edit-Combo Control
Creating a Function in a Component Namespace
Creating a Timed JavaScript Event
Creating an Integrated User Management Component
Creating an iOS Developer Certificate for PhoneGap (Mac version)
Creating and Managing Temporary Files for E-mailing Reports
Creating Bubble Help for a Custom Button
Creating Custom Report Window Action Buttons
Creating JSON from XML
Custom Fadeout Message in a UX Component
Custom SVG for Your UX
Customizing Abstract JavaScript Events
Customizing Client-Side List Breaks
Debugging Alternatives: Beyond the Debugger
Developing Dynamic Button Behaviors
Dial Phone from List
Displaying Dynamically-Sized Panel Headers
Dynamically Loading UX Components
Email Mandril Function
Email using SendGrid
Ensuring Synchronous JavaScript Calls
Executing JavaScript across Parent and Child Components
Exporting Filtered List Data to Excel
Extracting Key Values from a Client-Side Filtered List
Extracting Key Values from Data in a List
File Download Using the File Reference Method
Fixing PhoneGap's Image Capture with EXIF
Handling S3 Storage via Xbasic
Help Choosing a Color Scheme
Introducing Xbasic Modules
Layout Templating In a List
Lookup and Insert from List
Managing Keyboard Availability in PhoneGap Apps
Manipulating Multiple Frame Controls in JavaScript
Maximizing Screen Display for a Docked Panel
One List Row with Multiple Click Events
Placing a Control in a List Header
Placing an HTML Table in a UX Component - Part 1
Placing an HTML Table in a UX Component - Part 3
Quick Tips About Quick Panels
Re-formatting SQL Messages for the Client
Reading an Array with the Template Tester
Refreshing a List with Pull-down
Refreshing a Parent Component from Child Component
Regular Expression
Removing the 'pull-past-end' Feature from a List
Resizing Button List Items Dynamically
Setting Up To Use Amazon S3
Show-Hide Data in a List Via CSS
Storing a BLOB in a table with File Upload
Testing List Inserts for Duplicate Items
Using a Switch in a List, Part 1
Using Alpha CSS with SASS
Using an Array Argument to Complete an IN Statement in SQL
Using Multiple Control Bar Layouts
Using xBasic's SQL_Insert Function
Verifying Multiple Selections in a List
ZIP to CityState