Course Details

Xbasic Programming Language

  • What is Xbasic and why we need to know it
  • Using Xbasic to get information to and from the backend database
  • Server-side validation
  • Search and replace using the Xbasic behind the scenes of the UX
  • Using Xbasic to send emails from the application

Alpha Anywhere and JavaScript

  • Javascript and the Web
  • Javascript vs Action Javascript
  • Alpha Anywhere Javascript Libraries
  • Add Javascript to UX components
  • Centralizing Javascript Files
  • Javascript Debugging Techniques
    • Working Preview
    • Production
  • Wrap up and next steps.

Transform Integration with Alpha Anywhere

  • Alpha Anywhere is a fantastic product for building feature rich applications for your end users and Alpha Transform is a perfect extra for enabling digital form filling out in the field and getting that data back into the main systems. We will explore all the nooks and crannies in Alpha Anywhere that help you to get this done!

The Developer's Toolbox 

  • Whenever a tradesman rolls up at your place to do some work for you have you ever wondered what they carry in that huge toolbox they are dragging behind them? Well developing applications using Alpha Software does mean you will need to have access to other “Tools” to make sure you can get the job done in a timely and efficient manner. This session will focus on some of the many tools that you can equip yourself with, including some you probably did not even realise you needed!!

Building Your Business

  • How many great developers have you known that can really develop but don’t have a clue about how to run a business and therefore ending up failing? “Fail to plan is a plan to fail” So let’s see if we can help you avoid some of the pitfalls and latch onto some of the tips and tricks in building your business. Get ready to hear about that three legged stool!

Reports - Everything you always wanted to know but didn’t know to ask.

  • Building sub-reports that are fast to display and easy to maintain.
  • Building Detail and Summary reports in the same report.
  • Building conditional style reports.
  • Charts in Reports.

Frameworks and Dashboards – It’s all about the presentation.

  • Building a framework with the control bar.
  • Badges from the control bar that displays a List of Alerts.
  • Building a dashboard with the JavaScript charts.

Tips Tricks and JavaScript Techniques

  • Adding jQuery gauges that work with the data.
  • Referential Integrity, Data Normalization, Dynamic Connections Strings
  • SQL Views, Functions, triggers, indexes, and constraints
  • When to use a BLOB, File Stream, or AWS S3 Buckets.
  • A component with sample code and tricks for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Building a complete mobile application - start to finish

  • Alpha Anywhere and its built-in Mobile Components
  • Servers (Database, File Server, Web Server - we will use the Alpha Cloud in the demo)
  • Creating a custom login and user account page
  • Using a List and Detail view
  • Create the Security Certificate for IOS
  • Using GitHub as a repository
  • Using Ionic AppFlow to build and package your app
  • Distribute the app with Diawi

Disconnected Mobile App with Dynamic Data

  • Project settings
  • UX Component settings
  • List Control settings
  • Security Considerations
  • Creating a Dynamic Data Structure
  • Utilizing Client-Side Data Cache
  • Populating a list control with dynamic data
  • Managing Images
  • User navigation concerns

Integrate Stripe and Paypal into your Mobile App

  • Setting up your database to capture the response
  • Setting up the UX
  • Using the Stripe Action Javascript genie
  • Setting things up for Paypal
  • No genie for Paypal, so we have to code it
  • Get the response and save the data to your database
  • Take action depending on the response