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New User Programs

Live Orientation Classes

Using the Development Environment Part 1
Using the Development Environment Part 2
Finding Help (Alpha Docs, Videos, other resources)
Starting your first project
Using a database
Basic coding
Using Functions
Q&A session

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Certified Developer Programs

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Short Courses

All classes are one hour and come with a certification of completion.

Basic Programming (4 sessions)
Advanced Programming (4 sessions)
Software methodology
Reporting (2 sessions)
Alpha Transform (4 sessions)
Using Functions (2 sessions)
How to use the Alpha Documentation and other Help Systems
Incorporating a Database
Hosting basics (servers, cloud, etc)
How to make money as an independent software developer!
Using JavaScript
Using Events, Callbacks
Using the List control
Using the Viewbox control
Using the MenuBar control
Outline of the UX component
Outline of the Grid component
Common programming mistakes
Debugging methods
Using an HTML Editor
Basic CSS
Using Alpha Stylesheets
Basic HTML
Building a Mobile application (3 sessions)
Building a data-driven web or mobile application