Upcoming Training Classes

Advanced Reporting

Presented by: Jay Talbott
  • The objective for this course is to demonstrate how to create a unified interface to launch multiple reports in one application.
  • If you have different filtering, different sort orders and other requirements to deal with, this one interface will address all of those issues.
  • The class will use the Northwind database, upsized to a SQL backend to allow the use of stored Procedures.
  • The components constructed during the course will be available for the participants.
  • The course will run for 90 minutes, with an additional 30 minutes for questions and answers.
  • The process will start with the Northwind database upsized to SQL, but all other components¬†and stored procedures will be built from scratch.
  • We will use a tree control to allow the user to select the appropriate report, then call a UX with a list control to filter the employees or members for the reports.
Video Example: Click here to watch

Alpha Transform

Presented by: Glen Schild
Description coming...