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Webinars & Networking

Our webinars are how we engage the IADN community in continual learning and networking.

Join us each week as we meet online to discuss recent Alpha Software news, review the latest Alpha Anywhere features and capabilities, or watch a "showcase demo" by one of your peers, or review a new product or application. In addition to IADN-sponsored events, we also list events hosted by our members.

Click here to see the current list of upcoming events. Click here to review video of previous events.

Here are some of the topics we have covered in our public or members-only webinars:

  •  Review new features and capabilities of Alpha Anywhere's latest release.
  • Review important points in the official Alpha Anywhere release notes.
  • Showcases events where we review applications built by your peer developers.
  • Training events where we discuss technical issues such as CSS, programming, SQL syntax, responsive design, etc.
  • Marketing and business development discussions such as SEO, how to use Google Analytics, building a SaaS business, etc.
  • Alpha Anywhere for IIS
  • The Alpha Transform product
  • The Alpha Cloud and related technology
  • Alpha Anywhere UX design
  • Security and privacy issues
  • Performance and efficiency
  • Business Development - how to prosper as a software developer
If you have any questions about webinars and networking events, or would like to discuss these services in more detail, please use our Contact Us form to send us an email or to telephone us directly.