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Instructional Videos

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Our Instructional Videos provide you with on-demand information related to Alpha Anywhere features and capabilities

As you explore the rich world of Alpha Anywhere, you'll find that on-demand video is often the best way to acquire handy bits of knowledge or fill in the gaps in your self-taught expertise. That's why IADN has built a library of instructional videos narrated by Alpha Anywhere experts.

We currently offer the following video training products: 

Getting Started with Alpha Anywhere

This free video provides a crystal-clear overview of the platform's key features and capabilities. (This video is also a prerequisite for all of our IADN training courses.)

← Here is a complete sample video on Making the Database Connection from our Getting Started series.


The Alpha Developer's Guide to Xbasic

This six-hour course in Alpha's Xbasic scripting language is an essential resource for any developer who writes server-based applications. The narrator of the series is Jay Talbott, who has been developing custom applications with Alpha Anywhere for more than 20 years.

← Here's a sample video on Xbasic variables.


Tips, Tricks & Techniques for Alpha Anywhere Library

This library of over 200 ten-minute videos provide invaluable explanations of valuable (and often undocumented) Alpha Anywhere features or capabilities to developers. You can consult whenever these videos whenever you find yourself faced with a problem.

← This video is an example of those that you will find in the Tips, Tricks, Techniques library.


Steve Workings - Getting Started Series

This ten video series is narrated by one of the most experienced Alpha Anywhere developers. The series takes you through introduction, SQL, Components, Reports & Charts, Security Framework, Deployment and Advanced Topics.


← Here is a sample video taking you through Report and Charts.