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Steve Workings
Steve Workings
West Virginia

Portfolio: Click here to see my 14 Portfolio projects.

Overview: (Partial) List of Applications and Alpha Products:

  • Creator of the A5-FusionCharts Genie (see the IADN store)
  • Scheduling System for White House Visitors' Office
  • Fundraising & Contribution Management Packages
  • Auto Leasing and Management System
  • Consumer Loan Finance & Administration
  • On-Line Ordering System for Takeout Delivery Service
  • Complete Management for National Wi-Fi and VoIP Company
  • Customer and Order Management Systems
  • Complete Caterer's Management Database
  • Small-Group Membership Management and Services on Web
  • Apartment/Landord Tenant-Tracking and Administration

  • Instructor: Classroom, Web-based, One-on-One.
  • Instructor: "Total Training" videos from Alpha Software.

About Steve Workings:

  • BS, Environmental Science
  • Master's in Public Administration
  • County Planner - 3 Years
  • National Lobbyist and Sr. Staffer for major nonprofit - 5 Years
  • Exec. Dir. National Political Action Committee - 10 Years
  • Database Developer, Consultant, Trainer, 25 Years
  • Born in America's midwest, you get an Eagle Scout, dog-lover, executive, expert A5 skills, an instructor, and terrific communication, all at once.

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Services Offered:Mentoring, Programming, Training
Alpha Version(s):Alpha Anywhere
Business Expertise:Government, Finance, Everything Else
Types of Projects:Desktop, Mobile, Web
Web Technology:AJAX, Javascript, Charting
Backend Databases:MySQL, MS SQL
Started Using Alpha:1988