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Frances Peake
Proctor & Peake, Inc
Miami Shores, FL United States
Est.: 2003

Overview: Proctor & Peake, Inc. is a full-time, professional web and database solutions company. We specialize in Alpha Software products. Frances Peake, the president of Proctor & Peake, Inc was Alpha Software's Manager of Technical Support and Quality Assurance in the late 1980's. Since 1990, we have developed and maintained hundreds of database applications.

About Frances Peake: Frances Peake has been helping businesses get the most out of Alpha database products for over 20 years. Formerly the Manager of Technical Support and Quality Assurance at Alpha Software, she has been consulting independently since 1990. Since co-founding Proctor & Peake, Inc. in 2003 she teamed up with web, database and applications developers to deliver web and desktop database solutions.

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Services Offered:Discussion, Mentoring, Programming, Training
Alpha Version(s):V4, A5V10
Other Platforms:Microsoft Access VBA, JavaScript, HTML
Types of Projects:Web, Mobile
Backend Databases:Microsoft SQL Server, Alpha Five, ASP.Net, PHP
Professional Associations:National Association of Photoshop Professionals
Started Using Alpha:1986


Francie designed an easy to use, efficient database for our resort. She also incorporated functions that had previously been done in word processing programs, saving us hours of clerical time.
James E. Kraner
Hawks Nest Condominiums, Inc.

We would recommend Frances Peake to anyone! No one person has assisted us in developing our company like Francie. We knew what we wanted done with our database, but it has taken Frances Peake to make it happen.
Nellita Young
Family Financial Needs Assessment

Your programming consultation was on the very highest professional level. In fact, not even in my prior experience as head of my Medical Computer Company had I worked with anyone as bright and competent as you.
Fred Trust
Transamerica Communications, Inc.

Francie designed my entire database and invoicing system and moved me into Alpha Five. She has been a critical part of my business ever since. I usually phone in panic mode and my alpha problems are solved quickly and with minimum strain on me.
David Hendin
Amphora Books

The Billfish Foundation has counted on Frances Peake for many years to help us with database problems and projects. Her knowledge and skill, along with her ability to simplify complex problems, make her a pleasure to work with.
Deborah Cummings
The Billfish Foundation