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Developer:REA Inc.
Category: Email

REA Automailer is a package for A5 developers that will allow them to setup email queuing functionality within their v10/11 Alpha applications.

Emails are inserted into a separate table and scripts are scheduled to run on a timed basis. If the email fails, it will retry a number of times before it stops attempting to send.

System settings are used to configure SMTP access to you or your clients email server/account.

A sample grid is included that shows the developer how to display the emails to the user (utility menu option), and resend emails that fail.

Title: MyCientSchedule
Developer:REA Inc.
Category: Scheduling
Description: Our software can be used by any business that requires classroom/appointment scheduling, and is available to you and your clients wherever an internet or WiFi connection exists.
  • View, schedule and update appointments from a daily, weekly or monthly calendar.
  • Record client payments, review client balances owing/due and print receipts. Print class lists and automatically email class lists and next day appointments to instructors.
  • Optional web calendar for clients to book classes and view/schedule appointments.
  • Product Inventory component to sell business related merchandise.
  • Create product orders and print receipts.
Developer:REA Inc.
Category: Employment
Description: Online Consultant/Employee Time Tracking, Task/Project Management

System Highlights:
  • Clients - company, contacts, invoice profiles
  • Projects - multiples configured per client
  • Users - staff access
  • Tasks/Task Steps - assign tasks by project to Users
  • Timesheets - User enter hours and/or units
  • Payments - for Users by period
  • Invoices - for Clients by project by period
  • Export Timesheets - to CSV
  • Export Payments - to IIF for QuickBooks Bill Import
  • Export Invoices - to IIF for QuickBooks Invoice Import

Title: Food Services Application
Developer:REA Inc.
Category: Food Service
Description: This application tracks patient dietary requirements by facility. 

It includes an employee scheduling component to schedule staff into facility positions. Patient dietary restrictions, dislikes and alergies are linked to food menus to provide patients with menu selections for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

System uses USDA information to provide information on nutritional intake information. Include an HR system is also linked to the system, allowing for the hire of employees.  The system starts with the building of applications, posting to an internal ASP.NET website where people can register and apply for job positions.  When the application closes, the applicants are then vetted, and move through the hiring process - from the confirmation of require certificates to multiple interviews and on to hiring as a trainee, and transitioning to employee.
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