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Title: OERCA - Zoological Management Suite
Developer:Steve Workings
Category: Animal Care
Description: OERCA is a web-based, highly mobile application suite on its way to becoming the world's standard zoological care, management, training and administration software. See OERCA.COM for more information.
Title: Mobile Data Tracking
Developer:Steve Workings
Category: Legal

Mobile data tracker for process server company. Process servers log in and can stay logged in all day. Each process service attempt is logged with a few very simple steps. Other information is automatically added to the record including date, time and geolocation data. User can add notes, and can use mobile device's camera to take a picture that is automatically associated with the record.

Back end include security framework, a variety of reports and status views.

Title: White House Visitor's Office Management System
Developer:Steve Workings
Category: Other
Description: For the White House Visitor's office, a complete system to manage and optimize the daily flow of people touring the White House in Washington DC.
Title: Customer and Order Management System
Developer:Steve Workings
Category: Fulfillment
Description: Complete customer and order management system for internationally-known glass artist.
Title: Auto Leasing Dealer Package
Developer:Steve Workings
Category: Automotive
Description: Complete system to operate national auto leasing dealer. From car purchase and financing, lease management, GL, AR, AP, service department, even parking tickets. Mostly a desktop app; web-side provides customer information and off-site lease entry.
Title: CaterSys
Developer:Steve Workings
Category: Real Estate
Description: Complete package for caterers of all types. Customer management, event management, and an amazing set of tools for production scheduling.
Title: Fundraising Package
Developer:Steve Workings
Category: Non Profit
Description: Membership and Fundraising package for national political action committee. Manages contributions, supporter information, direct mail campaigns and Federal Election Commission reporting.
Title: Consumer Loan and Finance Package
Developer:Steve Workings
Category: Accounting
Description: Financing and Accounting package to manager consumer loans for a nationally-known company. Includes loan applications, financing, customer billing, ACH automation and several special requirements.
Title: Landlord's Tenant Management
Developer:Steve Workings
Category: Home
Description: See this at http://apartmentlandlordletters.com. Landlord's system to manage tenant list and production of letters to tenants.
Title: Takeout Ordering and Delivery Service
Developer:Steve Workings
Category: Real Estate
Description: This application provides a web site to order takeout food from about 80 restaurants. The company forwards the order to the restaurant, then dispatches a delivery driver. Ordering system, payment management, driver reimbursement and tracking and more.
Title: Small Business Manager
Developer:Steve Workings
Category: Business
Description: Customer management, inventory, order-management, invoicing.
Title: Chorale Membership Manager
Developer:Steve Workings
Category: Membership
Description: Membership tracking, contribution and activity tracking, and member-information site for Falmouth (MA) Chorale. Also provides file uploads and downloads for meetings, practice music, scheduling and more.
Title: Production and Scheduling
Developer:Steve Workings
Category: Inventory
Description: A private web application for a national furniture refurbisher. Includes contract management, pickup and delivery scheduling, and complete in-house refurbish scheduling and management, including woodwork, upholstery, painting, metalwork, etc.
Title: Fax-to-Email Ordering and Billing
Developer:Steve Workings
Category: Accounting
Description: Web-based front-end ordering and monthly billing for customers buying fax-to-email service. Backend, remote database is Firebird.
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