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Title: Auto Appraisal form
Developer:Talbott Associates, LLC.
Category: Automotive
Description: This application creates and tracks information to allow the user to create a complete automobile appraisal. Includes the ability to add photos and print out  a thorough report. Also includes a complete contact database, with tickler file.
Auto Appraisal form
Title: Distributor Application
Developer:Talbott Associates, LLC.
Category: Health Care
Description: The application is user friendly for all, including the computer novice, because all the screens are easily navigated and organized in the manner in which a typical dietary manager works. No more hours upon hours of complicated system set up. With Dietary Manager®, you will be up and running within hours using our pre-configured data entry tables. You receive all of the management functions-not just tray cards-for a fraction of the cost of other products.

The suite of functions provided by this food service management software gives you:

  • Patient / resident data, with hard card and selective menu formats
  • Menu development and recipes
  • Vendor and invoice management
  • Inventory and purchasing management
  • Invoice tracking
  • Staff scheduling management and staff data
  • Function and requisition management and tracking
  • CCRS meal tracking
Distributor Application
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