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Title: Alzheimer's Association Advocacy Reporting
Developer:Black Ink Unlimited
Category: Non Profit
Description: The Alzheimer's Association has offices all over the country in all 50 states. These offices use the advocacy website to report meetings and other actions with the various state and federal representatives to the home office. 

The action reports input by the regional offices are compiled into several reports and a graphical dashboard. The DC office also uses the advocacy website to communicate with their representatives at all levels. The system is built on Alpha Anywhere using a MYSQL backend and also featuring the AlphaToGo Framework.
Title: Student Adventures Customer Web Portal (Easytrack)
Developer:Black Ink Unlimited
Category: Travel
Description: The Student Adventures web portal manages participants for education tours run by the company. 

Students and their parents can create an account, register for a trip and make installment payments.  They can also access the trip itinerary and other important information about their tour.  The portal features a custom fundraising system that allows students to ask friends and famly for money to help pay for their trip  via email or Facebook.

The web portal also allows the tour leaders (teachers) to view their participants, including their trip balances.  They can send email and text messages to their students and they can perform other important trip functions such as creating a rooming list.

The web portal uses Alpha Anywhere, MYSQL and the AlphaToGo Framework.
Title: Interpreter Reservation and Accounting System
Developer:Black Ink Unlimited
Category: Accounting
Description: Interpretek is responsible for managing reservations for Deaf Interpreters.  If a customer needs an interpreter for a class, doctor's appointment or any other reason, this system will help them book an interpreter and make sure the reservation stays on track.

The system creates a job, which can have one or more interpreters assigned to it.  The system emails the interpreter the job details and will also notify the customer of the status of their interpreter. After the job is completed, the system also creates an invoice for the client and integrates that invoice with quickbooks. The system also features a dashboard showing jobs for the upcoming days and how many are assigned and how many still require interpreters.

The system is built on Alpha Anywhere and MS SQL.
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