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Title: Warehouse Database
Developer:AlphaBase Solutions, LLC
Category: Inventory
Description: This integrated application services a busy warehouse and tracks inventory, shipping, storage and receiving. Invoicing is generated vis-à-vis live processed inventory transactions. Items are linked to customer, as are transactions to inventory, and all items are optionally billable at the warehouser's discretion. Pick sheets utilized by forklift drivers can be optionally converted to invoices in one step. Payments are entered into the system to facilitate account's receivable. Inventory is automatically incremented and decremented by transaction type. Numerous flexible reports aid the warehouse manager and accounting department with relevant detailed information based upon user criteria.
Warehouse Database
Title: Artist's Database
Developer:AlphaBase Solutions, LLC
Category: Art
Description: This application is designed for the prolific artist. It tracks paintings, sketches, and other artwork. The application stores digital images of artwork - including progress paintings and drawings along with detailed information. It also tracks exhibition history and venues, painting locales, art sales & income, judging history, live model's schedule, and art organization(s) membership roles, among other features.
Artist's Database
Title: Personal Bank Application
Developer:AlphaBase Solutions, LLC
Category: Banking
Description: Supports 999 accounts, including checking, savings, CDs, investment accounts and more. The program features running balance, balance check, posting between accounts, splits, locked records to prevent accidental changes, add/edit payees, add/edit categories, automatic recurring transactions, query any transaction item, bank statement reconciliation and reconciliation history, print checks, download & import monthly bank/credit card account transactions, backup files and so forth. Imports Quicken data including splits.
Personal Bank Application
Title: Engineer’s Plan Scaler
Developer:AlphaBase Solutions, LLC
Category: Engineering
Description: This mini-app allows the land surveyor or civil engineer to dimension drawings and compute drawing scale, sheet size, useable sheet area, total number of sheets required, etc. based upon either 2 or 3 variable user defined constraints.
Engineer’s Plan Scaler
Title: Project Management Database
Developer:AlphaBase Solutions, LLC
Category: Project Management
Description: The adjacent screen shot shows the opening login form of a complex integrated project management database system. Application includes built in custom security, project management, drawing management, inventory, time management, accounts receivable and billing, records keeping, research, proposals, organizing tools and much, much more.
Project Management Database
Title: Personnel Assignments Application
Developer:AlphaBase Solutions, LLC
Category: Employment
Description: Tracks employee's daily time worked and assigned projects. Vacation, sick, travel time, overtime, etc. are accounted for as are projects worked upon along with work code and project description. Designed for the project and/or employee manager.
Title: Workload Editor
Developer:AlphaBase Solutions, LLC
Category: Project Management
Description: The Workload Editor tracks projects and workload including work codes and estimated hours and billable fees. Workload can be viewed by office (for multi-office environments) or in aggregate. Workload items can be inserted, deleted, edited and prioritized as needed. Complex workload reports optionally filter by division, workload status, etc are generated on the fly.
Title: Time Sheet Application
Developer:AlphaBase Solutions, LLC
Category: Employment
Description: Employees enter project information, work codes, hours worked and detailed description, as well as employee expenses. Prints hardcopy time sheet. Upon submittal of time sheet, records are automatically flagged for permanent archiving, preventing alteration by employee after submission. A complete history of all time sheets/time entered is available to the employee, employer and accounting department. Security restrictions prevent employee from accessing other employee's records.
Title: Task Management Application
Developer:AlphaBase Solutions, LLC
Category: Employment
Description: Task Manager allows employees and/or managers to track tasks by project and/or employee. Tasks can be prioritized, coded, and due dates assigned. Multiple views include project information, estimated hours and billable totals.
Title: Sick-Vacation Time Calculator
Developer:AlphaBase Solutions, LLC
Category: Employment
Description: This application automatically and dynamically computes sick and/or vacation time used and available based upon employer's rules and previous employee's time entered. Designed for a multi-user environment. Prints report.
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