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Title: Job Time Tracking-Blackberry
Category: Accounting
Description: Construction Job tracking application which works with Foundations Accounting Software. Pulls employee, customer, job info from Foundations and presents it for job supervisors to see over blackberry phone browser to check status of over/under budget per job and to look up and job information by blackberry.
Title: Mfg Intranet
Category: Accounting
Description: Full Manufacturing App-receiving, raw materials, finished goods, storage, fulfillment and shipping app that interfaces into Mas90.
Title: Pricing Changes (Inventory)
Category: Accounting
Description: Price Change system for a Coke Distributor. Allowing updates of customer pricing by upping/lowering via whole database or individually.
Title: Available to Promise-Multi Company
Category: Accounting
Description: Mfg Company to look into Inventories of 2 different companies,report and show Inventory futures including shop orders, customer orders, purchase orders view by dates from 2 different SQL Tables.
Title: Accounts Recievable Collections
Category: Accounting
Description: Publishing company to consolidate 10 companies Accounts Receivable into one database and make it a web app for Collections. Allow to view A/R for one customer across 10 companies for collections.
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