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Title: MedBillIt.net
Developer:Programmatic Technologies, LLC
Category: Health Care
Description: Hospice electronic medical records and medicare billing.
Title: Asset Management & Work Orders
Developer:Programmatic Technologies, LLC
Category: Work Order
Description: Asset management and inventory control. Maintenance and work order tracking.
Asset Management & Work Orders
Title: Journeyman
Developer:Start Software
Category: Customer Relationship
Description: Journeyman is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use contact, opportunity and lead management system built in Alpha using Microsoft SQL Server. Complete with graphical dashboards, task lists, unlimited notes and reminders, Journeyman rivals other CRM packages for features whilst being more friendly and accessible to occasional users.

Fully integrated with Google Maps, all Journeyman data is location-aware helping users to plan visits or meetings with prospects and clients. Journeyman tracks the "journey" a prospect takes through to becoming a client on a customisable list of events and milestones completed along the way. Powerful customisation features enable system administrators to customise the way that Journeyman works to suit any business.
Title: Survey Tracker
Developer:Start Software
Category: Surveys
Description: Survey Tracker was built to enable an International property management business to log and track requests for asbestos surveys.

The requests are received (through the online system) by environmental/asbestos consultancies who then respond, survey the property, and upload the finished report all within the system.

Survey Tracker has a "ticking clock" to ensure the jobs are completed on time and has a colour coded system to flag overdue jobs.  It is also fully location-aware within integrated Google mapping and features our integrated help system and user-customisable dashboards.
Survey Tracker
Title: Trimadvisor.com
Developer:Start Software
Category: SEO

Trimadvisor.com is the UK's leading search engine for men's hairdressers (barbers).

Trimadvisor enables prospective customers to search for a barber using a variety of criteria including location (using Google Maps). Trimadvisor already has over 1,000 UK barbers listed with a growing number of "featured barbers" with mini web-sites including price lists, opening times, interior photos and customer comments.

Trimadvisor.com - the search engine for the UK's best barbers.

Title: Dental Billing Application
Developer:Eagle Dbase Solutions LLC
Category: Accounting
Description: Application to record dental services provided to medicare patients residing in nursing homes.  This application is also used to bill medicare, by means of claims letters, for compensation of services provided.
Dental Billing Application
Title: Alpha Portal
Developer:Start Software
Category: Customer Relationship

The Alpha Portal enables customers of a leading asbestos consultancy to access their data and documents via the web.

Written in Alpha Anywhere, the system is mobile-friendly and enables asbestos reports and asbestos sample data to be access from any web-connected device (desktop browser, smartphone or tablet).

Alpha Portal
Title: Demo Fleet Manager
Developer:Eagle Dbase Solutions LLC
Category: Sales
Description: Web based application for a company that sells farming equipment.  Prospective buyers may wish to demo the equipment for evaluation purposes before making a purchase.  This application, which runs on the company intranet, tracks the equipment available for demo as well as scheduling the release and return of the equipment.
Demo Fleet Manager
Title: Alpha Tracker
Developer:Start Software
Category: Environmental
Description: Alpha Tracker is the latest incarnation of Tracker, the UK's leading system for environmental and asbestos consultancies.
Alpha Tracker is a web-based system developed in Alpha Anwhere and SQL Server enabling environmental consultancies to manage all aspects of their business, including:
  • customer and contact management
  • quotations and proposals
  • order processing
  • project and job tracking
  • scheduling (linked to Google calendars)
  • on-site data capture
  • lab data entry
  • automated report production into Word and PDF
  • invoicing including links to Sage.
Alpha Tracker is easy to use, fast and very flexible making it suitable for all environmental, asbestos and health-and-safety consultanies.
Alpha Tracker
Title: Customer Support Portal
Developer:Start Software
Category: Customer Service
Description: Our own customer support portal has been coded entirely within Alpha Anywhere.
The portal allows customer to:
  • log and confirm quotes
  • log and chase support calls
  • view their ongoing projects
  • view their invoices received
  • request help and support.
The support portal is a fundamental part of our Alpha Tracker system, a comprehensive "ERP" or workflow management system for all types of businesses.
Customer Support Portal
Developer:REA Inc.
Category: Email

REA Automailer is a package for A5 developers that will allow them to setup email queuing functionality within their v10/11 Alpha applications.

Emails are inserted into a separate table and scripts are scheduled to run on a timed basis. If the email fails, it will retry a number of times before it stops attempting to send.

System settings are used to configure SMTP access to you or your clients email server/account.

A sample grid is included that shows the developer how to display the emails to the user (utility menu option), and resend emails that fail.

Title: Yellowbike Electric Bike Rentals
Developer:Start Software
Category: Inventory
Description: Yellowbike (http://yellowbike.org.uk) are a specialist electric bicycle rental business in the UK. We developed their online booking and back-end reservation system using a combination of web techniques including Alpha Anywhere. Yellowbike's web site is Google Map enabled giving customers the option of choosing a rental site by map or by list of locations, and the site leads the customer through the booking right up to point of integrating fully with Sage Pay.
Yellowbike Electric Bike Rentals
Title: Quoting, Order entry and Inventory management system
Category: Inventory
Description: Customers/Vendors: Multiple contact points (ei, office, home, cell, email1, email2, etc). BillTo and ShipTo options, with complete mapping for multiple ship-to locations. Map plots Bill To and all Ship To locations, which are initially geocoded and then complete drag/drop updating, Lat/Lng and Location tracking.

Products/Items: User customizable types and categories. Multiple vendor tracking. Complete assembly management, w/assembly of assembly support. UOM conversion. Task feature for make items.

Quotes/Orders: Customer entry/edit from quote and order screen. Multiple sales types (Cash, Finance, Rent-to-own), calculates all sales amounts. Options, Bill-of-Materials, and Tasks management with complete integration.
Quoting, Order entry and Inventory management system
Title: CSDA DiagInfo for Alpha Anywhere (free*)
Category: Alpha Utility

The CSDA DiagInfo is a FREE* Diagnostic Information Utility for Alpha Five and Q Report Builder. It reports on hardware, operating system, and Alpha Five/QReport Builder information and Alpha speed benchmarks for analyzing the environment of a Desktop or Web application to debug problems and for bug reporting. Optionally, it can email the results, along with problem categorization. Some of the info returned includes:

  • Windows info, folder locations, User Account Control (UAC) settings
  • Windows Opportunistic Locking and caching settings
  • Hardware info including motherboard, CPU, Memory, BIOS & Writeable Drives
  • Alpha Anywhere info including Version, folders, libraries (AEX), Feature Packs, Speed Info, Last Code Error info, global code object counts, Boot timing, key Database Properties/Settings
  • QReportBuilder info
  • Alpha Current Workspace, Database,  Table, Set, Web Project info
  • Alpha Five Master/Shadow (Network Optimization) info
  • CSDA Code Utility settings
Compatible with Alpha Version 6 and up.
*Free for individual usage (including businesses)
Available for purchase for distribution with applications.

For more info see CSDA Diag Info
CSDA DiagInfo for Alpha Anywhere (free*)
Title: MyCientSchedule
Developer:REA Inc.
Category: Scheduling
Description: Our software can be used by any business that requires classroom/appointment scheduling, and is available to you and your clients wherever an internet or WiFi connection exists.
  • View, schedule and update appointments from a daily, weekly or monthly calendar.
  • Record client payments, review client balances owing/due and print receipts. Print class lists and automatically email class lists and next day appointments to instructors.
  • Optional web calendar for clients to book classes and view/schedule appointments.
  • Product Inventory component to sell business related merchandise.
  • Create product orders and print receipts.
Title: Homeworks LIVE
Developer:Start Software
Category: Insurance
Description: Homeworks LIVE is a quote, order, diary and invoicing system for a busy UK-wide business handling insurance claims.
Developed using SQL Server and Alpha Anywhere, it is entirely web-based and it enables the Homeworks team to track all aspects of their business with on-site "in the field" data capture and fully automated document production.
Complete with dashboards, automated emailing, colour-coded project tracking and alerts working against a project timeline, is a comprehensive and fully integrated system.
Homeworks LIVE
Developer:REA Inc.
Category: Employment
Description: Online Consultant/Employee Time Tracking, Task/Project Management

System Highlights:
  • Clients - company, contacts, invoice profiles
  • Projects - multiples configured per client
  • Users - staff access
  • Tasks/Task Steps - assign tasks by project to Users
  • Timesheets - User enter hours and/or units
  • Payments - for Users by period
  • Invoices - for Clients by project by period
  • Export Timesheets - to CSV
  • Export Payments - to IIF for QuickBooks Bill Import
  • Export Invoices - to IIF for QuickBooks Invoice Import

Title: LoanTrak
Developer:GJ Stats
Category: Banking
Description: Developed for a small loan company that is fully compliant with UK Consumer Credit Regulations. Provides loan management form original application through to repayment.
Title: Auto Appraisal form
Developer:Talbott Associates, LLC.
Category: Automotive
Description: This application creates and tracks information to allow the user to create a complete automobile appraisal. Includes the ability to add photos and print out  a thorough report. Also includes a complete contact database, with tickler file.
Auto Appraisal form
Title: Warehouse Database
Developer:AlphaBase Solutions, LLC
Category: Inventory
Description: This integrated application services a busy warehouse and tracks inventory, shipping, storage and receiving. Invoicing is generated vis-à-vis live processed inventory transactions. Items are linked to customer, as are transactions to inventory, and all items are optionally billable at the warehouser's discretion. Pick sheets utilized by forklift drivers can be optionally converted to invoices in one step. Payments are entered into the system to facilitate account's receivable. Inventory is automatically incremented and decremented by transaction type. Numerous flexible reports aid the warehouse manager and accounting department with relevant detailed information based upon user criteria.
Warehouse Database
Title: Artist's Database
Developer:AlphaBase Solutions, LLC
Category: Art
Description: This application is designed for the prolific artist. It tracks paintings, sketches, and other artwork. The application stores digital images of artwork - including progress paintings and drawings along with detailed information. It also tracks exhibition history and venues, painting locales, art sales & income, judging history, live model's schedule, and art organization(s) membership roles, among other features.
Artist's Database
Title: Personal Bank Application
Developer:AlphaBase Solutions, LLC
Category: Banking
Description: Supports 999 accounts, including checking, savings, CDs, investment accounts and more. The program features running balance, balance check, posting between accounts, splits, locked records to prevent accidental changes, add/edit payees, add/edit categories, automatic recurring transactions, query any transaction item, bank statement reconciliation and reconciliation history, print checks, download & import monthly bank/credit card account transactions, backup files and so forth. Imports Quicken data including splits.
Personal Bank Application
Title: Distributor Application
Developer:Talbott Associates, LLC.
Category: Health Care
Description: The application is user friendly for all, including the computer novice, because all the screens are easily navigated and organized in the manner in which a typical dietary manager works. No more hours upon hours of complicated system set up. With Dietary Manager®, you will be up and running within hours using our pre-configured data entry tables. You receive all of the management functions-not just tray cards-for a fraction of the cost of other products.

The suite of functions provided by this food service management software gives you:

  • Patient / resident data, with hard card and selective menu formats
  • Menu development and recipes
  • Vendor and invoice management
  • Inventory and purchasing management
  • Invoice tracking
  • Staff scheduling management and staff data
  • Function and requisition management and tracking
  • CCRS meal tracking
Distributor Application
Title: Tamis
Developer:A.M. Software
Category: Insurance

Travel insurance; risk assessment. The program assess the risk of clients travelling with a pre diagnosed health problems.

Title: Engineer’s Plan Scaler
Developer:AlphaBase Solutions, LLC
Category: Engineering
Description: This mini-app allows the land surveyor or civil engineer to dimension drawings and compute drawing scale, sheet size, useable sheet area, total number of sheets required, etc. based upon either 2 or 3 variable user defined constraints.
Engineer’s Plan Scaler
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