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Over the years, Alpha Software has provided developers with high-quality, coding-optional platforms for rapidly building robust and secure business applications.

As business computing has steadily grown more complex, Alpha Software's technology has evolved in direct response to the needs of professional developers. The company has provided these developers with expanded features and critical new capabilities so that they can do their work faster, more efficiently, and cost-effectively.
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Now Alpha Software has taken a major evolutionary step forward with Alpha Anywhere, their rapid mobile application development platform.

Alpha Anywhere provides the same key features and capabilities – including Enterprise-grade privacy and security – that Alpha Software has become known for over the years. In addition, Alpha Anywhere enables you to develop your web and mobile business applications once and then easily adapt them to run on the leading tablets and smartphones, as well as the latest laptops and desktop PCs.
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Alpha Software is a member of the emerging HTML5 ecosystem that is supporting the adoption of mobile business applications.

Here’s why you should develop your mobile business applications with Alpha Anywhere.

Alpha Anywhere was the first complete rapid mobile application development (RMAD) platform to address the critical issues faced by those building business applications in this Mobile Era. Using Alpha Anywhere, developers can:
  • Leverage their programming background and expertise while taking full advantage of the platform’s RMAD features and capabilities.
  • Dramatically reduce the complexity and challenges inherent in creating web and mobile business applications.
  • Quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively create, test, deploy, maintain, and update robust and secure web and mobile business applications.
  • Develop their applications once and then run them responsively on tablets and smartphones, as well as the latest laptops and desktop PCs, ensuring an authentic user experience on each computing device.
  • Take a standards-based approach to building business applications on both the front-end and back-end to ensure maximum flexibility and future upgradeability.
  • Work seamlessly with back-end data sources and Web services, ensuring that Alpha Anywhere-based applications provide users with any time/anywhere access to the information they need to do their work on any smart computing device.
  • Take full advantage of Alpha Anywhere's extensive built-in and customizable capabilities for building offline-capable web and mobile business applications.
  • Create mobile business applications that take advantage of the native features of mobile devices through Alpha Anywhere's seamless integration with PhoneGap Build.
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InfoWorld Names give Alpha Anywhere a 2016 Technology of the Year Award

InfoWorld states: "Alpha Anywhere is a database-oriented, rapid app development tool that shines at creating Web and hybrid mobile apps that work offline. It allows developers to build good apps quickly, with surprisingly good performance and nativelike look and feel." See the full InfoWorld awards posting.
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Forrester names Alpha Software leader in the mobile app dev category with the “greatest potential to empower non-developers”

Clay Richardson and John R. Rymer recognize Alpha Software as a key vendor in this “database apps” category and singles out the Alpha Anywhere low-code, rapid mobile application development and deployment platform for its “strong” mobile forms technology. Organizations are visiting the Alpha Software website at record levels and are reaching out based on their need for offline, mobile apps that integrate with corporate data. Based on Alpha Software's own customer experience, that these “database apps” are going to be the key mobility requirement that will drive the mobile app explosion. Read the report.
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