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Scott Emerick
Diversified Micro Solutions
Bracey, VA US
Est.: 1991

Brief: Custom software applications that consider your unique business requirements, operational style and office practices to improve efficiency and lowers your costs. It gives you control over your business while allowing for future modifications and growth.

Overview: We can design and build a complete custom application to your specifications; upgrade or replace existing systems; web enable your existing desktop application; or provide mentoring for clients who wish to participate in all aspects of building or upgrading their own custom solution. In addition, we also offer end-user training and preparation of system documentation. Data conversion, technical writing and other support services relating to your system are also available.

About Scott Emerick: Over 17 years experience in custom software applications, data manipulation/conversion, networking, system administration, web development, graphic design, and technical documentation. Some of our clients have included law firms, marketing research companies, local government agencies, medical institutions, service oriented businesses, non-profit organizations, and construction companies.


Services Offered:Discussion, Mentoring, Programming, Training
Alpha Five Versions:A5V12, A5V11, A5V10, A5V9, A5V8, A5V7
Programming Languages:HTML, HTML5, Java Script, Jquery, PHP
Business Expertise:Management, Inventory, Invoicing, Scheduling, Shipping, Contact Management, Repair Services, Catering, Legal documents, ect.
Types of Projects:Desktop, Hybrid, Mobile, Web
Web Technology:AJAX, Javascript, Jquery, XML
Backend Databases:DBF, MySQL, MS SQL, ACCESS, SQLite, PostgreSQL
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