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Steve Workings
Steve Workings
Palm Coast, FL US
Est.: 1988

Brief: Steve is one of the world's leading Alpha Five developers, with more than 25 years' experience. He is also the most experienced Alpha Five instructor, having taught thousands in individual, web and classroom settings. No project too big or small.

Overview: (Partial) List of Applications and A5 Products:

  • Creator of the A5-FusionCharts Genie (see the IADN store)
  • Scheduling System for White House Visitors' Office
  • Fundraising & Contribution Management Packages
  • Auto Leasing and Management System
  • Consumer Loan Finance & Administration
  • On-Line Ordering System for Takeout Delivery Service
  • Complete Management for National Wi-Fi and VoIP Company
  • Customer and Order Management Systems
  • Complete Caterer's Management Database
  • Small-Group Membership Management and Services on Web
  • Apartment/Landord Tenant-Tracking and Administration

  • Instructor: Classroom, Web-based, One-on-One.
  • Instructor: "Total Training" videos from Alpha Software.

About Steve Workings:

  • BS, Environmental Science
  • Master's in Public Administration
  • County Planner - 3 Years
  • National Lobbyist and Sr. Staffer for major nonprofit - 5 Years
  • Exec. Dir. National Political Action Committee - 10 Years
  • Database Developer, Consultant, Trainer, 25 Years
  • Born in America's midwest, you get an Eagle Scout, dog-lover, executive, expert A5 skills, an instructor, and terrific communication, all at once.


Services Offered:Mentoring, Programming, Training
Alpha Five Versions:A5V12, A5V11, A5V10
Business Expertise:Government, Finance, Everything Else
Types of Projects:Desktop, Hybrid, Mobile, Web
Web Technology:AJAX, Javascript, Charting
Backend Databases:MySQL, MS SQL
Click here to see my 14 Portfolio projects.